Apparition (Iohnass Nylund)

A homeless boy with the power of illusion.


A homeless boy. The grandson of two supers, Eisenheim the Illusionist and Mindbreak. Ionahss’ parents first met because of the unique occupation their parents shared, and the unique perspective that gave them on the world. As a child Ionahss would put together magic shows for his family, and it was at one such show that he first made his recently manifested powers public. Shocked at such a revelation, his aunt went into hysterics, insisting that returning superpowers were a sign of another apocalyptic event like the End. Her fervor left Ionahss reeling, but the syncher was the newfound fear he could sense from his parents. Ultimately, this caused him to flee from home, where he went to live on the streets of Progress City. There, with sleight of hand, tricks, and powers, he has survived on the streets, waiting for a time when he feels the world is ready for supers once more.

Powers: Illusions; invisibility; superhuman charm and charisma; thought manipulation

Apparition (Iohnass Nylund)

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