Charade (Zach Thornton)

Your local sometimes-invisible spy-for-hire


Charade first appeared in Volume #3, Issue #5.

Zach Thornton is a former employee of Volund Manufacturing International, jailed for five years for corporate espionage. Upon release, he was contacted by a mysterious party called “Mr. N” who offered to grant him superpowers in exchange for him working on retainer as a spy. Thornton took the offer, and began his first mission — bugging the common hangouts of the New Firm.

Thornton was caught by the New Firm when he first appeared, and despite some athletic efforts at escape was cornered and forced to divulge his secrets. The New Firm, believing he works for the conspiracy that was behind the mass die-off of the supers in the 1980s, turned Charade and forced him to start working for them to feed false information to his employers.

Charade (Zach Thornton)

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