Diode (Dr. Roman Machin)

a doctor transformed into living electricity


A research scientist working at the ConEd Experimental Energy Lab in Progress City, Dr. Machin was a victim of circumstance during an all-night research project with Dr. Justin Hilliard. The pair were working on a strange hyperconductive gel that ConEd thought could be valuable as a new source of power for batteries, but Dr. Hilliard other plans. Not realizing Hilliard had stolen a portion of the gel, Dr. Machin ran a large electrical charge through the mass as a stress test, and the reduced volume resulted in a massive explosion that bathed both scientists in the gel. The pair emerged as beings of pure electricity, with an array of electromagnetic powers at their disposal.

After Dr. Hilliard embarked on a crime spree as Surge, Dr. Machin stayed a recluse, trying to decide what to do with his newfound powers. In February of 2014, the doctor publicly announced his decision to become a superpower, donning special armor that allows him to interact with people safely and taking the name “Diode.”

Diode (Dr. Roman Machin)

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