Haunt (Felicia Prince)

a crime-fighting college student with a magic cloak


Felicia Prince first appeared as a college student, being forced to working for the Chimera syndicate identifying the magical artifacts they collected from abandoned super bases, tombs, and other sites where the tools of the missing supers could be found. After the New Firm rescued her, Felicia took possession of a magical cloak that Chimera had forced her to catalogue, that gave the wearer the power to turn invisible. Taking the name “Haunt,” Felicia worked with Ben Watson, aka “Vector,” as a crime-fighting duo, taking the battle to the splinter gangs that came out of the collapse of Chimera.

After the pair were discovered by Apparition, the two novice heroes were invited into the ranks of the New Firm, and gladly accepted the offer. They still mostly work street-level cases, but have begun to help the New Firm with larger-scale issues as they refine their skill with their borrowed powers. Haunt in particular has served as a knowledgeable source of information on ancient cultures and mythologies, as well as a skilled combatant.

Between Volume 2 and Volume 3, Haunt and the other honorary members of the New Firm split off to become the Streetsweepers.

Haunt (Felicia Prince)

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