Barricade (Jackson Blake)

a power-armored, law-enforcing hero


Jackson Blake is a lieutenant in the Progress City Police Department, overseeing the Major Crimes Unit. Blake is unhappy with the return of the super humans to the world, seeing them as a dangerous variable in a world that was doing just fine without them. Blake has been directly antagonistic toward both the New Firm and their allies, Detective Kane and Content Not Found: detective-amanda-siegel, going so far as to nullify their deputization by Kane when he got wind of it. He is also participating in a mysterious “superhuman containment squad” program the PCPD are planning in secret, and has come as far as to say he plans to deploy them soon to deal with the various superhuman threats faced by Progress City.

After Volume 2’s Night of Red Death, Blake came around on the role of superheroes in law enforcement, and decided to become one himself, taking on the codename “Barricade” and forming the Streetsweepers, the official superhero team of the PCPD.

Barricade (Jackson Blake)

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