A schizophrenic sorceress born of a botched spell


Jessica Rambeau first appeared as an employee of the Progress City Intelligence who wrote an editorial critical of the New Firm. Her employment at the Intelligence was jeopardized when the Hood, acting on information provided by Deja Vu, gave Watching the Watchmen information that suggested Rambeau’s editorial was a near-identical duplicate of one the Intelligence had run in the 1970s about the Honor Guard. Rambeau resigned her position in disgrace rather than face a plagiarism investigation.

Harridan appeared in Volume 3, Issue #2. When the New Firm disrupted a ritual intended to resurrect the Baba Yaga, the disruption caused Baba Yaga’s spirit to fuse with the nearest physical body that had a symbolic connection to her — the embittered, vengeful spirit of the disgraced Jessica Rambeau. In Volume 3, Issue #3, the New Firm successfully stopped her from crashing an animated newspaper building into an apartment complex downtown, and with some magic from the Hood, were able to separate Harridan and Jessica Rambeau.

Harridan reappeared in Volume 5, Issue #3 when a cult attempted to resurrect her in Brasil. She manifested as a cloud of black smoke in the shape of a woman, hurling raw magic at the New Guard. The Binder successfully trapped her in the Binder’s own (now female) body, as part of the “Pact of Persephone,” and surrendered herself to the authorities while she had control of the body.

Harridan appeared again in Volume 5, Issue #7 as a member of the Hyperpower, having led the evil magicians of the world in creating the magical side of the Chrono-Spatial Distortion Array.


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