Machinist (Anthony Nimball)

super-genius inventor bent on self-aggrandizement


First appeared in Volume 2, battling the New Firm and the Union. He was arrested after attempting to hold the entire world’s Internet access for ransom.

He was revealed to be the source of the solar magnification battery used by the Chimera Gang and the device used by Red Death to control Vector‘s suit during the latter villain’s first appearance; the Machinist claimed to have done work-for-hire for both, giving them his inventions in exchange for money.

On his arrest, he claimed his motivation was a desire for personal recognition that he did not receive as an employee of Volund International. He seems to have an inherent distrust of corporations and the mainstream world in general, feeling that they have embraced Blueprint but not him for some reason that means he will forever be an outsider.

The Machinist reappeared in Great Responsibility Annual #2, assaulting the heroes with his Einstein-Rosen Cannon that allowed him to teleport any person on the planet to another plane of existence at will. He was defeated by the New Guard upon their return from Guardsman Earth.

The Machinist was revealed in Volume 5, Issue #7 to be a core member of the Hyperpower; his Einstein-Rosen Cannon design was the backbone of the Chrono-Spatial Distortion Array used to enact the group’s master plan.

Machinist (Anthony Nimball)

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