Hellhound (Micah Foster)

ex-con turned pyrokinetic brawler


Micah Foster first appeared in Volume #1, Issue #1 as one of the criminals holding the employees in the Shuster Building hostage. He reappeared in Volume #2, Issue #6 as the super-criminal Hellhound, with pyrokinetic powers. He was defeated along with the rest of his team (Killbox and Rampage) during Volume #2, Issue #7, and taken to the Bubble to await trial.

Hellhound is standoffish and arrogant, reveling in his new powers and scrapping for an excuse to use them. He is also the least brave of the teammates, with a tendency to flee as soon as the situation becomes difficult. He clearly resents the New Firm, but not with the passion of Rampage.

Hellhound (Micah Foster)

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