Stacy Ross (formerly the Mysterious Stranger)

Apex's ex-fiancee, ODIN agent


At the first annual Progress City Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a mysterious figure handed a note to Deja Vu indicating that their phones were bugged. No-one saw the figure in any great detail; they only noted that she was female.

A similar figure dropped off a box of evidence planted at the entrance to Outpost One; she appeared to be a waitress at a diner, but managed to escape pursuit by Blueprint thanks to the use of smoke bombs.

The next time the stranger, she dropped off a business card to Apparition that had a hand-written link to some audio files indicating that various late supers were blackmailed by persons unknown, in an attempt to get them to stop their superheroic activities in some cases, and in one case to lure the Honor Guard into going to San Diego on the day the End would eventually emerge. The Hood pursued her when she appeared this time, and she insisted that they were not ready to have the talk with her they needed to have.

The stranger intervened once more, removing a bomb planted in a bouquet of condolence flowers, to be delivered to the room of Jessica Rambeau after her time as Harridan. At this time, the stranger agreed to a meeting, where she revealed herself to be Stacy Ross, Apex’s fiancee, ace journalist, and now conspiracy theorist.

Ross’s belief is that a person or persons unknown engineered the Battle of San Diego, triggering the mass die-off of the world’s superhumans for some sinister end she has not yet deciphered. She also has some evidence that suggests superhumans have existed for much, much longer than common history indicates, and that perhaps this kind of thing has happened before — and that someone is working to make sure it happens again…

Stacy Ross (formerly the Mysterious Stranger)

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