Recurve (Olivia Sharpe)

ex-con turned invisible sniper


Olivia Sharpe first appeared in Volume #1, Issue #1 as the leader of the criminals holding the employees in the Shuster Building hostage. She reappeared in Volume #2, Issue #6 as the super-criminal Killbox, able to render herself and her allies invisible and also dull others’ abilities to smell and hear them. She was defeated along with the rest of her team (Hellhound and Rampage) during Volume #2, Issue #7, and taken to the Bubble to await trial.

When interrogated about the source of her power, Killbox revealed that after their arrest, she made arrangements via anonymous email with a mysterious group offering to give her and her crew superpowers. She paid a million dollars a head for the privilege, and was treated in a warehouse somewhere in New England that she wouldn’t reveal. They woke up in a motel under false names, already paid for, and now in possession of their powers.

Killbox turned to the side of good during the Hyperpower’s takeover of Earth in Volume 5; she took the codename “Recurve” and started using a high-tech bow and trick arrows instead of her familiar sniper rifle.

Recurve is a military professional in every aspect of her life, with a cold, faintly ironic, detached demeanor. She seems to respect people who test her abilities, actually thanking the New Firm for a good fight during their efforts to assassinate the former leaders of Chimera.

Recurve (Olivia Sharpe)

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