Rampage (Abel O'Halloran)

an ex-con with a super-strong berserker form


Abel O’Halloran appeared during Volume #2, Issue #6, as part of a three-man crew assassinating former Chimera crew members in Progress City. He reappeared in Volume #2, Issue #6 as the super-criminal Rampage, able to transform into a super-strong, invulnerable colossus at the cost of all his mental faculties. He was defeated along with the rest of his team (Hellhound and Killbox) during Volume #2, Issue #7, and taken to the Bubble to await trial.

In his human form, Rampage is a laconic, gruff man with a strong sense of hierarchy and respect, a product of his military training. He shuns conversation, allowing Killbox and Hellhound to do the talking. In his Rampage form, he is a near-mindless brute, selecting targets and assaulting them until they are destroyed, thinking only to come up with new ways to do harm.

Rampage (Abel O'Halloran)

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