Red Death (Amanda Siegel)

Masked terrorist "planting the seeds of the end of the world."


Detective Amanda Siegel first appeared in Volume 1. She worked in the Progress City Police Department’s Major Crimes Division, as the partner of Detective Jerry Kane. They first encountered the New Firm right after their first case together, when they stopped the bank robbers attacking the Shuster Building. She became one of the team’s staunchest allies, acting as a contact and confidant in their nascent battle against crime. She was especially close with the Hood.

In Volume 2 the New Firm faced Red Death, a terrorist villain with subtle or nonexistent superpowers. Red Death set up a series of scenarios across Progress City where people and things important to the heroes were under threat from explosives, armed criminals, or other factors. Red Death publicly announced his intention to set up these scenarios, and also to rob a delivery truck carrying cancer drugs. Various phone numbers then sent picture messages to the members of the New Firm, hinting at the locations of the threats, indicating his minions had kidnapped Haunt and Vector and would harm or kill them if left unchecked.

After the New Firm were able to save everyone, with the exception of a bar that burnt down, Red Death went to ground, sending out minions to perform a series of harmless but threatening pranks, including vandalizing billboards, setting up fake bombs that exploded in showers of paint, and framing every member of the Progress City Police Department as a potential part of his group of followers.

The Red Death did not directly confronted anyone, instead working through followers in red Airsoft masks. The doctrine preached by Red Death and his minions revolved around the idea that civilization is destined to come to an end, and that they will be the men who “crash the party” despite the protective “walls” put up by society and bring about the end of it all, in the same manner as the mysterious stranger in Edgar Allen Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death.

At the end of Volume 2, Amanda Siegel was revealed to be Red Death; she revealed herself to Kane while the two were apparently tailing the villain, as part of a trap she had set for the New Firm. Red Death’s power turned out to be a superhuman capacity for situational analysis; she can detect the weaknesses and strengths of anything she can see, and is thus an excellent strategist, a master manipulator, and a brutally effective combatant.

Red Death reappeared in Volume 5, Issue #7 as the mastermind behind the Hyperpower. Shortly after she regained consciousness in the Bubble, she, Commandment, Endgame, and the Machinist began the master plan that culiminated in the creation of the Chrono-Spatial Distortion Array and the subsequent exile of all superheroes from Earth.

Red Death (Amanda Siegel)

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