Superego (Sir Niles Islington)

A disembodied mind, relative of Apparition


Superego first appeared in Great Responsibility Annual #2, revealing himself to be a possessing force that had been trapped inside Apparation‘s father’s body due to the actions of the San Diego Conspiracy. He explained he was a centuries-old psychic and a distant relative of Apparition who had been possessing bodies for a long time as a form of immortality, and demanded Apparition surrender his own body as Superego’s new host. The team was able to expose him to a radio signal that vibrated on the interference wavelength of Superego’s brainwave pattern, dispersing him.

Superego appeared again in Volume 5, Issue #1, as the mastermind behind a film production of a biopic about Apparition. He had stolen a vibration proof, artificially intelligent robot to use as a host body, used advanced technology to embed his own brainwave signal in the sound effects of the film, using quantum entanglement to turn everyone working on the film and everyone who viewed test footage or a screener into a potential host body. The team were able to defeat him by trapping him in a special psychic prison, made out of his old vibration-proof robot body by Blueprint, and deliver him to the Bubble, giving the team time to disentangle his victims.

Superego reappeared once more in Volume 5, Issue #7 as a member of the Hyperpower; he was one of the psychics facilitating communication between the four super-prisons as they enacted Red Death’s master plan.

Superego (Sir Niles Islington)

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