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  • The Financial District

    Progress City's Financial District is west of what is traditionally called “downtown,” and is where most of the city’s corporate businesses are headquartered. h2. Points of Interest Tanaka Tower, home of [[Exemplar Technologies | Exemplar …

  • Harbor District

    The Harbor District is on the east side of Progress City. The entire east side of the city is docks, warehouses, and import/export companies, with a few motels and seafood restaurants rounding out the area. The neighborhood is known to be somewhat …

  • Chinatown

    Progress City's Chinatown is on the northeastern end of the city, neighboring the [[Harbor District | Harbor District]] and the Gallows. Chinatown is a normal middle-class neighborhood that primarily relies on the tourist industry.

  • The Gallows

    A neighborhood on the east end of Progress City, adjacent to [[Chinatown | Chinatown]] and the [[Harbor District | Harbor District]]. The Gallows is a rough working-class neighborhood with high crime rates and low rents, mostly home to blue-collar workers …

  • Rayner Valley

    A middle-class neighborhood on the west side of Progress City, built during the dot-com boom. Rayner Valley is an unremarkable neighborhood of apartments, chain stores, and strip-malls.