Active Superheroes and Supervillains

Active Superhero Teams

The New Guard

formerly known as the New Firm

Base of Operations: Progress City, United States

Members: Apparition, Blueprint, Deja Vu, the Hood, Major Thomas West

Den Aeherji

Base of Operations: Copenhagen, Denmark

Members: Futharc (magician); Edda (medium and ghost-summoner); Hardrada (mutant; sixth sense and advanced combat training); Snofall (mutant; aquakinesis); Bergrisi (super-strength, invulnerability, inhuman size, supposedly due to nonhuman ancestry)

Ahl Al-Kitab

Base of Operations: Ramallah, Palestine

Members: Emet (golem); Seren Baraq (mutant; energy absorption and projection powers); Midaqq (mutant; alchemist and super-genius); Djinn (mutant; can alter physical shape and state of his own body); Enochian (nonhuman ancestry; magician); the Witness (baseline human equipped with magical relics)

Los Caballeros de las Islas

Base of Operations: Port au Prince, Haiti

Members: La Exponenta (mutant; psychic twins sharing one consciousness); Colibri (mutant; super-speed); Ogoun (loa of battle in a mortal host); Caiman (baseline human with incredible athletic training and top-of-the-line combat gear); Saint Soleil (mutant; energy manipulation powers); Legerdemain (baseline human with incredible athletic training)

Los Campeoes Austral

Base of Operations: Brasilia, Brasil

Members: Dreadnought (mutant; size-alteration powers); Balistico (science accident; kinetic energy manipulation); Singularidad (mutant; gravity control powers); El Hechizo (magician)

The Cosmic Cohort

Base of Operations: TBD

Members: Superstring (science accident; spatial distortion and teleportation); Armiger (bonded with/married to an ancient suit of techno-organic armor; flight, environmental protection, force field generation, force blasts, low-level super-strength); Lexicon (magical accident, trained sorcerer; “words of power” translating written statements into actual reality); Triage (mutant; psychic manipulation of biological systems); Downlink (robot; can shift between spaceship and humanoid modes, super-strength, FTL flight, near-invulnerability, supranormal senses, supercomputer brain); Void Knight (magic; FTL flight, near-invulnerability, generation of force barriers and force swords, ability to sense good and evil, supranormal stealth powers, light generation); Stardiver (cosmic conduit; can achieve near-lightspeed flight, invulerability, and massive kinetic force while in flight via a personal blast field); Diamond Silk (full-conversion cyborg; supranormal physical capabilities, supranormal senses, hyper-advanced medical technology, extensive martial arts training).

Los Defensoros

Base of Operations: Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Members: Embaucador (mutant; super-genius inventor); Avispon (mutant; size-changing, flight); Terraqueo (exposure to toxic waste grants invulnerable rock-like skin and geokinetic abilities); Cometa (baseline human with incredible athletic prowess).

The Eight Immortals

Base of Operations: Immortal Island (artificial island in international waters)

Members: Sunray (scientific accident; energy projection, flight); Wukong (scientific accident; enhanced agility and dexterity); Haiyang (scientific accident; living water); Terrapin (scientific accident; armored body); Neuron (scientific accident; disembodied psychic brain); Dollface (scientific accident; size alteration); Gui (scientific accident; intangibility, flight); Overclock (mutant; super-genius hacker)

La Ekvilibrio

Base of Operations: Sapporo, Japan

Members: Tanegashima (mutant; super-genius inventor); Fujin (Japanese god in human vessel); Phayu (mutant; electrokinesis); Sinaebseu (mutant; superhuman reflexes); Nushi Jian (baseline human with peak-level archery skills and high-tech arrows); Mudang (magician)

The First Responders

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, United States

Members: Fauna (mutant; can shapeshift into various animal forms); Instinct (mutant; can communicate with and control animals); Red Coyote (baseline human with incredible training and advanced combat gear); Hex (magician who gains his powers from a magic staff); Thunder Lizard (man-dinosaur hybrid created by Doctor Helix)

La Guardia del Puente

Base of Operations: Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Members: Indigo (mutant; light manipulation powers); Panacea (mutant; biokinesis); Diamante (mutant; can transform her body into living diamond); Trueno (mutant; sonic powers); Ignicion (mutant; pyrokinesis)

The Mabingwa

Base of Operations: Luanda, Angola

Members: The Voice (mutant; sonic scream); Eshu (Yoruba trickster spirit in a human vessel); Mbwa Mwitu (mutant; shapeshifter); Profesa Kinu (mutant; super-genius inventor); Mob Rule (mutant; self-replication)

Al Mismar

Base of Operations: Cairo, Egypt

Members: Minara (scientific accident; living energy); Al-Lat (nonhuman ancestry; plant control); Shrek (nonhuman ancestry; made of living stone); Najwa (mutant; telepath); Ihsan (mutant; empath); Khayal (ghost); Ms. Victory (mutant; gravity manipulation powers)

The Northern Lights

Base of Operations: Montreal, Canada

Members: The Angaqquk (Inuit shaman); Blockade (mutant; control over personal density); Voyageur (mutant; can open portals through space); Tattletale (mutant; telepathy); Superbolt (exposure to extraterrestrial energies grants an alternate form with flight and energy manipulation powers); Plasmatic (mutant; elastic/plastic body.

The Squadron

Base of Operations: Washington, DC

Squadron Blue

Members: Foundry (mutant; super-genius inventor); Safeguard (mutant clone; super-strength, invulnerability, flight); Bespoke (artificial being; can use nanite-cloud body to shapeshift and create various objects); Undine (mutant with extraterrestrial heritage; aquakinesis)

Squadron Red

Members: Unknown Soldier (mutant; can become intangible, can fly while intangible); Pentacle (half-demon sorceress); Redline (mutant; super-speed); Daga Negra (baseline human with advanced combat training)

Squadron White

Members: Silver Star (sorceress who gained her powers from exposure to angelic energies); Bulwark (mutant clone; able to transform his body into organic steel); Recurve (enhanced human; invisibility, advanced military training, bow and high-tech trick arrows); Diode (scientific accident; living energy, electrokinesis)

The Starfinders

Base of Operations: The Truenorth, a frigate-class Cetian spaceship

Members: Cuckoo (magical accident; immortality, extensive knowledge and physical training stemming from time to learn, super-tech armor and weaponry); Malware (artificially intelligent sentient EM field; telekinesis, technokinesis, EMP blasts, super-strength when in constructed bodies); Ember (alien mutant; pyrokinesis); Firehawk (baseline normal alien with high-tech gadgets)

The Streetsweepers

Base of Operations: Progress City, United States

Members: Barricade (baseline human in a high-tech battle-suit); Harrow (ghost); Haunt (baseline human with a magic invisibility cloak); Vector (baseline human in a high-tech battle-suit); the Archivist (magic; medium inhabited by a gestalt of ghosts from various time periods and areas of expertise, allowing access to their memories and skills)

The Strikers

Base of Operations: London, England

Members: Druidess (magician); Fragarach (fairy knight with innate magical powers and an enchanted sword — currently in a magical sleep following the battle with the Hyperpower); Scunner (baseline human with top-of-the-line combat gear); Will o’ Wisp (mutant; flight and intangibility); Rampart (mutant; force-field projection powers)

The Union

Base of Operations: New York City, United States

Members: Throwdown (mutant; super-strength and invulnerability), Blackbox (mutant; technopathy), Chill (mutant; cyrokinesis), Meme (mutant; telepathy, ability to mimic the knowledge of others), Mindseye (mutant clone; telepathy, telekinesis); Spyware (mutant; clairaudience)

The Unknowables

Base of Operations: Sydney, Australia

Members: Rainbow Serpent (baseline human with high technology); Songline (magician); Bluetooth (scientific accident; living radio signal); Donnybrook (mutant; mass alteration); Sundowner (mutant; energy manipulation)

The Virtues

Base of Operations: Paris, France

Members: Sturmschilde (mutant; electrokinesis, flight); Le Chevalier du Fer (mutant; super-genius inventor); Herr Weisheit (magician); Ruleta (mutant; probability manipulation); Engrade (baseline human with advanced weaponry); Nachtvechter (vampire); Il Alienista (baseline human with incredible knowledge of forensics and criminology); Silberschmied (artificer)

The Zorya

Base of Operations: Moscow, Russian Federation

Members: Nightwitch (mutant; flight and kinetic energy powers) , Kumama (mutant; teleporter), Tigroaica (weretiger), Linkor (robot; superhuman strength and durability, and energy-manipulation powers), Blikazmraz (baseline human with advanced temperature alteration technology mimicking pyro- and cryokinesis).

Active Independent Superheroes


Base of Operations: Toronto, Canada

Known Powers: None — baseline human with advanced combat training.


Base of Operations: Australian Outback

Known Powers: Rumors of superhuman speed and reflexes.


Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

Known Powers: Low-level, localized reality warping

The Mohan

Base of Operations: The Colombian wilderness

Known Powers: Vast magical abilities centered around plants; has shown the ability to project itself into plants as far away as the United States.

Night Terror

Base of Operations: Calgary, Canada

Known Powers: None — baseline human with advanced combat training and high technology.


Base of Operations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Known Powers: None — baseline human with advanced combat training.


Base of Operations: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Known Powers: Flight; various rumored magical abilities


Base of Operations: Glasgow, Scotland

Known Powers: Unknown

Active Supervillain Teams

The Principes

Base of Operations: Unknown

Members: Commandment (half-extraterrestrial mutant; perception distortion); Panache (mutant; mental and emotional control); Aftershock (mutant; sonic manipulation powers); Traagheid (mutant; control over personal density); Nachaffer (mutant; can copy the powers of other mutants within eyesight); Downpour (mutant clone; weather control); Kitbash (mutant; super-genius inventor); Wildcard (mutant; shapeshifter)

Purpose: The Principes are disciples of Commandment’s particular interpretation of the cultural philosophy of the alien Bryggons: the belief that the strong should rule the weak. In this case, their belief is that superpowered beings should rule over non-powered beings, and that genetic superhumans like themselves are more worthy than those who gain their power from magic, technology, or divinity.

The Flawless Five

Members: Surge (scientific accident; living electricity); Mastodon (baseline human wearing high-tech battle-suit); Mr. Entertainment (mutant; genius inventor equipped with high-tech gadgets); Dust Devil (nonhuman ancestry; can transform into sentient dust cloud); Rhapsode (magician; has “bardic powers” that allow him to alter reality)

Purpose: The Flawless Five are blue-collar criminals, working both for themselves and for hire, always with the goal of accruing wealth and power.

The Cognoscenti

Members: Neon (baseline human with high-tech gadgets), Argon (baseline human with high-tech gadgets), Xenon (baseline human with high-tech gadgets), Radon (baseline human with high-tech gadgets)

Purpose: The Cognoscenti are rich thrill-seekers, committing acts of vandalism, robbery, and violence for their own amusement.

The Red Thorns

Members: Unknown

Purpose: The Red Thorns are a clan of psychic ninja who see assassination as a semi-religious duty and a chance to hone their skills as superhuman killers.

Active Independent Supervillains

Red Death



The Machinist



Doctor Helix


Gray Goo

Sock Puppet


The Guardsman



Lord Undertow

Jonathan Harker

Docteur Immortel



Lord Grey, Shogun of Chaos

Doctor Satsumon


The Mythologist

Lady Redback

The Demeter Robots


President Thomas West of Earth-217

Colonel Samantha Cooper of Earth-217

Defunct Superhero Organizations

The Vanguard

Defunct Villainous Organizations

Volund Manufacturing International

The Hyperpower

Base of Operations: Unknown

Members: Red Death; the Machinist; Endgame; Superego; Commandment/the Principes; Sock Puppet; Doctor Helix; Teratogen; Galeforce; Lord Undertow; Black Wu; Silver Skull; Cashout; Hiso; Trollskap; Confidence; Evil Eye; Docteur Immortel; Jonathan Harker; the Mythologist; Lady Redback; multiple other super-criminals.

Purpose: The Hyperpower presented themselves as “the heroes the world needs” and the Julius Caesar to the world’s Roman Empire — a necessary tyrant willing to shoulder the burden of guiding the world through a rough time (in this case, its onrushing confrontation with the End). They were roundly defeated when the world’s heroes returned from banishment across time and space.

The Professionals

Members: Killbox (scientific experiment; invisibility and inaudibility, for herself and others); Hellhound (scientific experiment; pyrokinesis); Rampage (scientific experiment; super-strong, hyper-adrenalized alternate form)

Purpose: The Professionals were amoral super-mercenaries available for hire by the highest bidder. They were known to undertake assassination contracts, among others. The group dissolved when Killbox joined Operation Good Faith and became Recurve following the defeat of the Hyperpower.

Active Superheroes and Supervillains

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