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Great Responsibility was a Wild Talents campaign, begun in December of 2013 and finished in November of 2018. The campaign told the story of a world much like ours, where superhumans appeared during World War II, then were suddenly taken from the world by a great crisis in 1985. The PCs were five new supers who appeared in 2013, and had to deal with a world reeling from the return of supers and miracles and magic to everyday life, and with the mystery of exactly what happened back in 1985.


The game was set in the East Coast metropolis of Progress City, which is detailed further in the wiki.


The heroes, villains, and supporting cast of the story can be found on the Characters page. Our main characters are the New Guard: Apparition, Blueprint, Deja Vu, the Hood, and Major Thomas West.

Campaign Progress

Volume 1, “Assemble!”, has been completed with the arrest of the Chimera Gang.

Volume 2, “Beware My Power”, has been completed with the unmasking and defeat of Red Death (Amanda Siegel) and the successful dismantling of her plan to destroy Progress City and corrupt its heroes.

Great Responsibility Annual #1, “Thicker than Water,” ended with the successful defeat of Superego, the psychic parasite and ancestor of Apparition who had been possessing his father.

Volume #3, “What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men,” ended with the defeat of Dr. Next, the super-genius behind Volund Manufacturing International’s “Project Hammerhead,” an effort to monetize temporary superpowers; and with the revelation that someone had released nanites into the atmosphere that were suppressing superpowers and magic worldwide, until Dr. Next got rid of them.

Great Responsibility Annual #2, “The Road Less Traveled,” ended with the heroes successfully getting back from Earth 1016, a.k.a. “Guardsman Earth”.

Volume #4, “A World that Hates and Fears Them,” ended with the heroes blowing the lid off the conspiracy that was policing and controlling the world’s supers, and with the leader of the conspiracy surrendering herself after publicizing all their secrets.

Great Responsibility Annual #3, “Wrapped in the Flag and Carrying a Cross,” ended with the defeat of the Principes, Commandment (Daphne Allen)’s pseudo-Darwinist devotees.

Volume #5, “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” ended with the heroes defeating the Hyperpower, an alliance of super-criminals that successfully conquered the Earth for a brief period.

Great Responsibility Annual #4, “Preparing for Liftoff,” ended with the heroes having unlocked the Unwritten Library, and having a party celebrating the Earth heroes’ victory over the Hyperpower.

Volume #6, “Sentinel of the Spaceways,” ended with the defeat of Symbolon and the Turncoat Legion, and the return of Savant and his Legion of Galactic Peace from their long false imprisonment.

Great Responsibility Annual #5, “A League of Nations,” ended with a meeting with the Council of Worlds and the offer to join the Legion of Galactic Peace.

Volume #7, “The Ultimate Menace,” ended with the New Guard driving Entropax, the monster behind the End, and his Paladins away from Earth.

Great Responsibility Annual #6, “The Hyperborean Job,” ended with the defeat of the Host, the gestalt evil alternate versions of the Hood, and the destruction of the Grimoire of Ashen’tolar.

Volume #8, “A Day Unlike Any Other,” has been completed with the defeat of Entropax at the Big Bang, the ascendance of the New Guard to be the leaders of the new Honor Guard, and the end of the campaign. Thanks for following!

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