A sentient machine made for collecting genetic samples


IAM, the Interdimensional Archive of Mankind, first appeared in Volume #7, Issue #1.

IAM is a creation of the Dr. Becky Fuller of Earth-a619, a universe already attacked by the Adversary/the Dark Spacers/the End; it claims it was created to be a living, pan-dimensional storehouse of the genetic code of sentient peoples, to be used to restart civilization if the End should triumph. After several failed attempts to salvage other realities under attack, IAM modified its own programming per a special clause in its programming installed by Dr. Fuller to allow it to evolve, installing a “failsafe” subroutine by which it can instead deliberately allow the collapse of several realities to occur and then rebuild after the End has moved on from whatever its goal is. As part of this failsafe, IAM has also begun “discarding” people whose genetic samples it already has and whom it regards as threats to its mission.


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